Season 8 Trailer: "Empowerment"

It’s 2018 and women are more empowered than ever. But how do we turn that into actual power?

We’re living in the era of the Women’s March, #MeToo, the surge of women in politics and t-shirts proclaiming “the future is female.”

Then again, Roe vs Wade is under threat of being overturned, confessed sexual harassers get standing ovations at comedy clubs, and female political candidates of all parties are threatened and harassed on a daily basis.

This season, the podcast Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller is taking a journey into the whole “empowerment” thing and how that turns into actual power. Lauren will go way past the buzzwords, asking questions like:

How did we get to the double standards women live with today?

Are women-only spaces preparing women for leadership... or are they keeping women cloistered?

Is there a place in the world where women, especially women of color, genuinely have power without living on the margins?

And explore what’s possible when women are really in charge…

And what can go wrong…

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