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On Inflection Point, Lauren Schiller talks with women who have risen to a challenge, stepped up to create change and are ready to tell their stories. Every episode offers experiences and ideas you can apply to your own life. The podcast comes out every other Wednesday and is available on NPR One, iTunesStitcher and more. The broadcast comes out weekly on public radio stations. We are proudly partnered with KALW San Francisco, and PRX.

Inflection Point launched in March, 2015 on KALW in celebration of Women's History Month.  

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Lauren Schiller, Creator & Host


Lauren Schiller is the creator and host of Inflection Point, a nationally syndicated weekly public radio show and podcast featuring conversations with women who are changing the status quo.

She comes by these conversations honestly: She was born into a long line of strong women role models who worked in business, arts, media, education and labor organizing. In the ’70s Lauren's mom took her to the march on Washington, D.C. in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. In the ’80s she was one of the first girls to join the Boys Club in Pittsburgh, PA (now Boys & Girls Club). Lauren was also a cheerleader in high school in Davis, CA. She is proud to say she got benched for protesting the nylons requirement.

While getting her BA in Political Science from Vassar College, Lauren interned at a news radio station in Poughkeepsie reporting on local arts. After graduating, a trip to Telluride, CO turned into a job at the Sheridan Opera House managing celebrities. She then went on to work for Chiat/Day New York, one of the world's most creative advertising agencies. Adopting their slogan “good enough is not enough” as her personal mantra, Lauren moved to the Bay Area and rose to the highest ranks of the industry to become the second female partner in her San Francisco ad firm.

Lauren returned to her love of broadcasting when she created one of the first female-led podcasts in 2008, a show which ran for five years and was also syndicated on commercial radio and Comcast TV. Lauren launched Inflection Point in 2015 during Women’s History Month and it quickly went national. It is produced in partnership with KALW 91.7FM in San Francisco and PRX. She created Inflection Point to share the stories and insights of all the women who are shaping our future–and she created it for her daughters.

Lauren lives in the Bay Area and is also the Executive Producer of Audio for Salon Media.


Eric Wayne, Engineer & Producer

Eric Wayne has been in the broadcast world for over 26 years. He is an award-winning producer in both short news features and long form radio documentaries. He was the Technical Producer of New America Now and was involved in the launch of the KALW news department.

Eric also holds a degree in Music Performance from the University of Northern Colorado, and is a professional trumpet player in the Bay Area. He performs in such groups as Jeff Sanford's Cartoon Jazz Orchestra, the Golden Gate Park Band, and many more. 



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