How To Re-Design How Girls Learn STEM - Suz Somersall, KiraKira

From her childhood as a self-confessed gaming nerd to her career as an engineering-inspired artist (or is it art-inspired engineer?), Suz Somersall has made a life of her own design. She's now the founder of KiraKira, a learning program that makes girls feel confident and excited about creating new products using 3D printing, design-thinking and STEAM concepts. This week on "Inflection Point," Suz shares how, despite a career full of pivots, one's life can ultimately lead in the same direction all along. 

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Archel Bernard, The Bombchel Factory in Liberia

In the midst of the Ebola crisis in 2015, Archel Bernard moved to Monrovia, Liberia from Atlanta, Georgia and started a fashion company--that employs women who survived Ebola, are rape survivors or deaf. Her company is called The Bombchel Factory, and to top it all off, the product is, as she puts it, "dope." Listen to the conversation above, and read more about Archel in Lauren's post on