How To Take Your Reproductive Destiny In Your Own Hands - Author Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

Author and founder of The ART and Science of Family, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt spent years writing about reproductive technology, but always assumed she’d have a child the old-fashioned way. Then her path led her to taking her reproductive destiny into her own hands. Hear our conversation about her adventures in procreation that led her to writing her book, In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and the New Frontiers of Family--and what reproductive tech means for the feminist movement

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Inspiring More Women in Science - Dr. Shruti Naik, The Rockefeller University

Dr. Shruti Naik is a scientist whose work led to the FDA ban on antibacterial soap in the US. She is now a postdoctoral scientist in immunology and stem cell biology at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Naik’s research focuses on understanding the role adult stem cells play in inflammation and how they can be used to treat inflammatory disorders of the skin, like psoriasis.  

At The Rockefeller University, Dr. Naik has grown the Women in Science at Rockefeller (WISeR) program from six to over 250 members and has established a weekly breakfast series for trainees to network with prominent female scientists.

Dr. Naik is also one of L'Oréal USA 2016's winners of the "For Women In Science Award" for her research. Interested in applying? Applications for 2017 are open until 2/3/17.

Listen to our conversation at the link above, or at NPR One.