The reality of rising up: patriarchy is the problem, not men

After being witness to The Women’s March, MeToo, the Kavanaugh hearings, and a historic midterm election in which more American women were elected to office than ever before, I feel like our society is having a Matrix moment: we’re finally seeing the patriarchy for what it is and how it’s subjugated half the population.

So does all this empowerment we’re striving for lead to actual power? The kind of power that puts women in charge of our bodies, our workplaces, our laws, and our futures?

This season, I invited people working in politics, business, tech and media who have a lot to say about empowerment to weigh in on these questions.

Spoiler alert: the answers they gave led to...more questions. But really, really important questions.

Listen to this season wrap-up to find out what we think needs to happen next in the quest for equality.

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