How To Hit Back At The Harveys Of The World

Bill Cosby. Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly. Donald Trump. And now Harvey Weinstein. In the past 12 months hundreds of women have come forward to tell their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of powerful men.  

And now more stories are further revealing that these powerful men didn’t act alone--they had the full protection and knowledge of their various organizations--and in some cases, may have even helped these “power pervs” to lure and silence their prey.

How can we keep the momentum of this conversation carried forward so this moment, this one, right now, is the turning point when the world says ENOUGH?

Listen to Part 1 of my conversation with sexual harassment lawyer Carrie Goldberg to get some insider perspective on why these powerful men get away with the worst possible abuse of power, and what we can do to fight back. 

In Part 2, we hear the personal story that started it all for Carrie Goldberg. And it begins with the usual, "I met him on the internet..." Carrie shares how she fights back against perpetrators of revenge porn and other sexual misconduct, as well as how victims may actually come out the other side with more power.

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