How To End Structural Racism in Tech-Laura Weidman Powers, Code2040

Why does the next civil rights movement involve people of color breaking into tech? Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of Code2040, talks income inequality, how the jobs future is wrapped up with the tech industry, and how to keep things in perspective while fighting structural racism. Weidman-Powers is working to smooth the pathways for entrepreneurs of color, and in turn to give communities of color a place in the tech-driven economy. 

Deb Liu of Facebook Is Developing More Women in Tech–And Calling Out Sexist Language

Deb Liu is the VP of Platform and Marketplace at Facebook.  She's working to address the challenges that women in tech are facing both on day to day basis, and through a non-profit she co-founded called Women in Product, which brings together women who build. Listen to our conversation here:

Deb also wrote and recorded a special "audio OpEd" for us about sexist language at work. Much of this language is hiding in plain sight. Want to take her challenge? Track how many of the words below you use or hear in a given day. Listen to her OpEd here:

"Male words"

Compiled by Deb Liu

Two-man rule

Man-on-man defense

Gentlemen's agreement

Old Boys Club

Man up


Two guys in a garage (starting a startup)

Right-hand man

That's his boy

Poster boy

Man bites dog



White man's burden


Key man risk



Great man myth

Grow a pair

Big boy pants




Man hours

Man sprints


Manning a booth

Everyone and their brother

Deb Liu

Deb Liu

Roz Hudnell, Intel–Gender & Racial Diversity in Tech

Meet one woman leading the charge to literally change the face of technology by bringing in more women and people of color to the industry--starting as early as elementary school. Roz Hudnell is VP of Corporate Affairs at Intel, and President of Intel Foundation. She is also one of the few senior African-American women at the company--and she is on a mission to change that too. 

A clarification from the intro to this piece: Intel’s $300 million Diversity in Technology initiative aims to achieve full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in its U.S. workforce by 2020. In addition, Intel has the goal of achieving $1 billion in annual spending by 2020 with diverse suppliers.

Listen to our conversation on iTunes or NPR One.

Roz Hudnell

Roz Hudnell

Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez, Communication Consultants and Authors of "Illuminate"

It's not enough to just have a great idea and people will follow you. So Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez work with leaders to communicate their transformational ideas to drive real change–such as Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" presentation and Michael Pollan's call to eat mostly plants. And now they have written a book for leaders called "Illuminate. Ignite change through speeches, stories, ceremonies and symbols." Duarte and Sanchez also run Duarte Inc., the largest communications company in Silicon Valley, and the 5th largest women-owned business in the area and they are partners to top brands around the world.  



Maria Molland Selby, COO of Splacer

The latest in the sharing economy--Splacer is the so-called "Airbnb" for event spaces. Maria and her team are working to create more access to unique spaces for everything from corporate meetings to photo shoots. Founded in Israel, they are now in New York and San Francisco--and soon Los Angeles. Their co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Maria Molland, has also helped build businesses for Yahoo!, Thompson Reuters, eBay and Fab.