How To Beat Perfectionism-Patti Niemi, San Francisco Opera Orchestra

What if the thing you really love to do makes you so anxious it gets in the way of doing your job? For Patti Niemi, a percussionist with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, her first experience with anxiety cropped up while in her second year at at Juilliard, causing her hands to shake uncontrollably. Niemi wrote a memoir called “Sticking It Out. From Juilliard to the Orchestra Pit.” In this episode, hear how she rose to the top of the music world and above her anxiety.

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Patti Niemi

Patti Niemi

Decoding The Secret To Confidence at GE

What does Parseltongue have to do with coding? The GE Women's Network put on a day-long STEM event for sixty middle-school girls last November which included design-thinking and coding exercises–with a Harry Potter theme. During this "bring your daughters to work day" the girls learned they could make magic with code. The girls share their #codelikeagirl experience in this piece by producer Megan Jones. Listen here or on NPR One.

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Do Successful Teens become Successful Women? - "Teen Hackz" Founders Lisa Allanson & Lisa McDonough

Lisa Allanson and Lisa McDonough are the founders of Teen Hackz, a program designed to help teens (girls and boys) understand themselves and others--in order prepare for success in life and work. They've taken the principles of how to help adults work better together at companies, and tailored it for teens. Listen here and on NPR One. You may even learn what animal represents you best!

Lisa McDonough and Lisa Allanson

Lisa McDonough and Lisa Allanson

Open Recovery Closes the Door on Addiction Stigma, Fay Zenoff

Fay Zenoff is the Executive Director of the Center for Open Recovery in San Francisco. Her organization is committed to changing the way our culture thinks about recovery--from something secret to something to be celebrated. She shares her story of how this transformational approach to recovery applies to her own life as well. Listen to our conversation above, or on NPR One.

Fay Zenoff

Fay Zenoff

Deb Liu of Facebook Is Developing More Women in Tech–And Calling Out Sexist Language

Deb Liu is the VP of Platform and Marketplace at Facebook.  She's working to address the challenges that women in tech are facing both on day to day basis, and through a non-profit she co-founded called Women in Product, which brings together women who build. Listen to our conversation here:

Deb also wrote and recorded a special "audio OpEd" for us about sexist language at work. Much of this language is hiding in plain sight. Want to take her challenge? Track how many of the words below you use or hear in a given day. Listen to her OpEd here:

"Male words"

Compiled by Deb Liu

Two-man rule

Man-on-man defense

Gentlemen's agreement

Old Boys Club

Man up


Two guys in a garage (starting a startup)

Right-hand man

That's his boy

Poster boy

Man bites dog



White man's burden


Key man risk



Great man myth

Grow a pair

Big boy pants




Man hours

Man sprints


Manning a booth

Everyone and their brother

Deb Liu

Deb Liu

A Big Misunderstanding, From "B stories"

What happens when sexist language doesn't quite hit its mark? From B stories podcast comes "A Big Misunderstanding" by producer Megan Jones and field producer, Suzanne Ahearne.

B stories offers "unserious, non-political, lighthearted stories about boobies told by women and men. Illustrations courtesy of each storyteller." Check them out here

Illustration courtesy of the storyteller

Illustration courtesy of the storyteller